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I am an award-winning transdisciplinary artist, researcher, and curator. 

My work investigates issues such as identity & place, histories of displacement, embodied experiences of migration, the legacies of colonialism, social practices, and transcultural aesthetics. My PhD thesis "The Dead Zone & The Architecture of Transgression" incorporates these issues as well as investigates historical and contemporary urban planning concepts from postcolonial perspectives. 


My work has been exhibited extensively in the UK and abroad including Tate Modern, the Turner Contemporary, Liverpool Museum, People’s History Museum, Turner Contemporary, Haifa Museum of Art, Ha’aretz Museum, East66 – Centre for Urban Research (Amsterdam), Greatmore Studios [Cape Town] and Detroit – Centre for Urban Ecology.


I have won awards from bodies such as the Henry Ford Foundation, the Chevening Award for leadership, and the Art Council England and commissions from such as The Mayor of London, The World Re-Imagined, Counterpoints Arts, and Ben & Jerry's.

“We want artists to be brave tellers of truth – not just creators of seductive images or spatial contortionists. Gil Mualem-Doron is one of those brave truth-tellers who sees the inequities in daily life and highlights them through his art, which is neither didactic nor simple-minded.” Professor William Menking, Pratt Institute & Founder of The Architect’s Newspaper.


“Mualem-Doron’s engaging and provocative body of work offers a deeper understanding of what it means to subvert in an oppressive situation… Thank goodness for this edgy artist, pushing against the status quo in such a compelling way” Professor Beverly Naidus, Artist, Activist, Educator, University of Washington, Tacoma.


“Using carefully honed agitprops and site-specific performances, Gil Mualem-Doron is a hugely erudite socially engaged practitioner. A quintessential ‘artist-as-agitator’

he is encouraging his audience to speak up, participate and radically question the status quo in what are increasingly challenging times."  Áine O’Brien and Almir Koldzic – Co-Directors, Counterpoints Arts

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