Gil Mualem-Doron (1970 UK/Israel) is an award-wining socially and politically engaged artist working in various media; primarily photography, digital art, installation and performance using participatory practices. His work investigates issues such as urban history, social justice, identity, transcultural aesthetics, migrations and displacement. 

His work has been exhibited extensively in the UK and abroad including Tate Modern, the Turner Contemporary, Liverpool Museum, People’s History Museum, Turner Contemporary, Rich Mix London, ONCA (Brighton) Haifa Museum of Art (Israel), East66 – Centre for Urban Research (Amsterdam), and Detroit – Centre for Urban Ecology. 


Mualem-Doron has been featured in a few private collections and he has been commissioned to create works for bodies/individuals such as The Mayor of London, Counterpoints Arts, Platforma, and Ben & Jerry's. Mualem-Doron has received awards from the Henry Ford Foundation, Chevening Award for leadership, and the Art Council England. 

“We want artists to be brave tellers of truth – not just creators of seductive images or spatial contortionists. Gil Mualem-Doron is one of those brave truth-tellers who sees the inequities in daily life and highlights them through his art, which is neither didactic nor simple-minded.” Professor William Menking, Pratt Institute & Founder of The Architect’s Newspaper.


“Mualem-Doron’s engaging and provocative body of work offers a deeper understanding of what it means to subvert in an oppressive situation… Thank goodness for this edgy artist, pushing against the status quo in such a compelling way” Professor Beverly Naidus, Artist, Activist, Educator, University of Washington, Tacoma.


“Using carefully honed agitprops and site-specific performances, Gil Mualem-Doron is a hugely erudite socially engaged practitioner. A quintessential ‘artist-as-agitator’

he is encouraging his audience to speak up, participates and radically question the status quo in what are increasingly challenging times."  Áine O’Brien and Almir Koldzic – Co-Directors, Counterpoints Arts

Work Experience

  • Founder and creative director of SEAS – Socially Engaged Art Salon, Brighton (2016- )

  • Artist in the Community (The Ministry of Culture & Sport Scholarship Program) at  Hasadna for Art in the Community, Ramat Eliyahu & The Arab-Jewish Community Centre, Jaffa. (2010 -2013)

  • Lecturer, Beit Berl Academy for Education, School of Art – Hamidrasha, (2011-2013)

  • Lecturer, Minshar School of Art, Tel Aviv-Jaffa, (2012-2013)

  • Lecturer, Brighton University, School of Architecture (2007-2008)


Studies & Professional development


  • Ph.D. “The Dead Zone & The Architecture of Transgression”, TU Delft, School of Architecture & the Built Environment, Netherlands (2018)

  • PGC in Art teaching (Primary to High School)  Beit Berel Academy for Education,   School of Art – Hamidrasha Israel (2010)

  • PGCE – Post Graduate Certificate in Learning & Teaching in Higher Education (in Architecture), University of East London. (2003)

  • PGC in Curatorial and Critical Studies from Camera Obscura School of Art, Tel Aviv, Israel (1996) headed by Ariella Azoulay

  • B.A. (with magna cum laude)  in Interdisciplinary Studies in Arts, Tel Aviv University, (1996)


Exhibitions (a limited selection)


  • Cry Beloved Country, – a solo exhibition at P21 Gallery, London (2020)

  • The No Man’s Land project (2015-present) – a solo exhibition at Gilmore Art Studios, Cape Town, South Africa (2020)

  • Presence Absentees: The case of Al Lajun (a photography series) 3rd Prize, Long Exposure category,  World Press Photo Exhibition / Local Testimony, Museum Aretz Israel, Tel Aviv (2019).

  • Flags of Diversity – a solo exhibition commissioned by the Mayor of London – London City Hall (09/2019)

  • Presence Absentees: the 3rd generation – in Nexus group exhibition at Vrystaat kunstefees Arts Festival, South Africa (07/2019) and Brighton Pride exhibition at the Jubilee Library (08/2019)

  • The Eucharist – wall installation – in Sink Without a Trace, group exhibition for Refugee Week, Gallery P21, London (06/2019)

  • The New Babylonians – a solo exhibition at The Rich Mix, London (2018)

  • The New National Flag – an installation, at Shop It!, Haifa Museum of Art (2018)

  • The Art of Protest – Solo exhibition at the People’s History Museum, Manchester, (2018)

  •  Mesubim – a solo exhibition with collaborative work with a group of refugees member of MEP – The English Migrant Project, ONCA Brighton (2018)

  • No Man’s Land, (Yoari) Photography series, exhibited as part of Photo Voice group exhibition, London 01/2018

  • No Man’s Land (Sammer) Photography Series, exhibited as part of Bread & Roses charity exhibition for integrating Arab women into the labour market, by WAC-MAAN, (2017)

  • The New Union Flag Project National Tour  (Interactive Installations & workshops)- supported by the Art Council England: Tate Modern, Pump House Gallery – London, Tate Modern, Liverpool Museum, Peoples’ History Museum – Manchester, Oldham Gallery, Jubilee Library Brighton, Brighton Museum & Art Gallery, Loughborough University’s Martin Hall Gallery, The Jewish Museum, Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Totnes Market Sq ,(03-09/2017).

  • The New Union Flag: The Market Stall, installation and workshops at Tate Exchange, Tate Modern, Programmed by Tate Exchange Associates: Counterpoints Arts, Loughborough University, The Open University, University of Warwick (03/2017).

  • The New Union Flag Project: English Summer  –Turner Contemporary, Margate (07/2016)

  • Displacement – on Refugees, Homelessness & Palestine – group exhibition at SEAS – Socially Engaged Art Salon, Brighton (05/2016)

  • Jaffa’s Crumbs – Solo exhibition, The Gallery Project, King’s Anatomy Museum, London (16.5.2014)

  •  “Gaia & Hassan draw (in) the Protest” – An exhibition at the Sport and Youth Museum, Koln – Germany (10/2012).  

  • ب – a solo retrospective exhibition, the Architects House Gallery, Jaffa. Curator, Ami Steinitz (2012)

  • The Arab-Jewish Camp for Social Justice (a photography project) -  Edut Mekomit / Local Testimony exhibition, Museum Ha’aretz, Tel Aviv (12/2011)

  • Inscriptions for a Cruising Ground – a room installation at Research Space exhibition, The Slade (2006)

  • “The Limits of Inclusiveness: emancipatory spatial practices for the Public(s) Space” a research project Brighton Uni / 66 EAST – Centre for Urban Culture, Amsterdam (2006)

  • “Dwelling on Process”, curation of an exhibition about housing at Stephen Lawrence Gallery with participation of UCL; University of Greenwich, London Met. & The AA.

  • Poble Nou’s Raw Architecture – a photographic research and room installation at EME3 Architectural Market, Barcelona (2005)

  • “Urban Co-Existence: Architectural Strategies for Communication”, the Italian Cultural Institute (2002). In collaboration with the Italian group Stalker.

  • The Bad Sheets – urban interventions at six public spaces in London (2000)


Awards & Residencies


  • Grant for the Arts, Art Council England, 2019 – for solo exhibition at Gilmore Art Centre South Africa & P21 Gallery London (2020).

  • Grant for the Arts, Art Council England, 2019 – SEAS – Socially Engaged Art Salon exhibition program 2019-2020

  • Wadi Artist Residency, Umm al-Fahem Gallery, Israel 2019

  • Grant for the Arts, Art Council England, 2018 –  The New Babylonians exhibition, Rich Mix

  • Grant for the Arts, Art Council England, 2017 – The New Union Flag National Tour

  • The Peoples’ Arts Prize – shortlisted (2015) UK

  • The Art Council Award for artist book publication (2013). IL

  • Artist in the Community Award, Artists’s Residency, The Cultural Ministry, (2010-2013), IL

  • The British Council Grants to Artists scheme (2005), UK

  • The British Chevening Scholarship Award – The British Council (1999),UK

  • ISAF – Israeli Scholarship Education Foundation Award (1999). IL

  • Henry Ford European Conservation Award (1998) IL


Quotes and references to my work in other publications (limited selection)


  •  A short documentary film about the New Union Flag project by Tate Exchange / Counterpoint Arts (2018)

  • “Mashing up the Union Jack”, Giota Alevizou, Open Democracy – online, (20/11/2017)

  • Tate Exchange Associates launches with open art school, a-n – online (10/01/2017)

  • “Transgression & the City”, in Border Conditions, Mark Schoonderbeek (ed) 010 Publishers, (2010), Netherland

  • Murray, J. Martin. (2008) Taming the Disorderly City, Cornell University Press

  • Saskia Sassen (2006) “Making public interventions in today’s massive cities”, in Generalized Empowerment: Uneven Development & Urban Interventions, Brussels: City Min(e)d (Eds.) Brussels


Guest Lectures, workshops and conference papers (limited selection)


  • Social Engaged Photography – selected projects presentation at Autograph Gallery, London (07/2019)

  • Photography as visual activism and the production of dissensus spaces – a paper at Photography as Resistance symposium, Brighton University (2019) 

  • Teaching to Transgress – collaborative & live projects in art & architecture schools, a paper at  Radical Practices Conference, The Ruskin School of Art, Oxford University (2019)

  • From Objects of Transgression to Spaces of Communication, a lecture & workshop at The Social Art Summit, Social Art Network UK, Sheffield (2018)

  • The New Union Flag Project, presentation and a workshop at ‘Who Are We? Art, Migration and the Production of Democracy Symposium at  Loughborough University, (2017)

  • Risk Taking in public space interventions, a talk about the more risky aspects of my work at Counterpoints Arts conference, Dartington Hall Totnes (2016)

  • Engaged Photography – art and research practices, A Lecture at The Arts in Society Conference, Rome (2014)

  • “The Dead Zone”? is that what you called it?” at the international conference “Writing-Place” TU Delft, School of Architecture & the Built Environment, (2013)