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"Gaia and Hassan draw [in] the protest" 2011
 Poverty and struggle through the eyes of homeless Arab ‎and Jewish teenagers. ‎
A project by Gil Mualem Doron with Gaia Hadar LeBlanc, Hasan Abu Shamis ‎

"Gaia and Hassan Draw the Protest" is being created collaboratively with two teenagers from homeless ‎families who lived for about half a year in the Arab-Jewish protest camp for social justice in Jaffa. It ‎presents their daily life in the camp, along with major local and global events in the protest movement, ‎examples of inequality in Israeli society, as well as possible solutions. ‎

The project is based on a set of mix media drawings that we created together in the camp over six months.
The project  ‎exhibited in several municipal galleries in Israel and in Beit Ha'am - 'The People's Home', the ‎headquarters of the Israeli protest movement, in Tel Aviv,  at The International ‎Photography Exhibition in Jaffa and in the Deutsches Sport & Olympia Museum, Koln, Germany. 

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