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Protesting For Diversity’ by Gil Mualem-Doron was a series of workshops, photoshoots,  processions and an online campaign for cultural diversity created collectively by various groups in the UK through art workshops, photo shoots and rallies.


The project responded to the huge rise in hate crimes in the UK post-Brexit, the rampant xenophobia in the mainstream media, and the derision politicians level at the importance of cultural diversity. 


The project took place at various spaces in Brighton, including ONCA Gallery and The Cowley Club social centre. Then it spread to other cities and festivals in London, Leicester, Portsmouth and Manchester. The workshops and processions were created with groups of refugees in those cities and in collaboration with the Migrants English Project, City of Sanctuary,  CARAS and Hazelfest in London, Hummingbird Project, People's History Museum - Manchester, , Art Reach - Journeys Festival, and Brighton Dome. 

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