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The New Union Flag Project (2014-Present)

The New Union Flag (NUF) re-imagines the Union Jack and celebrates the communities that have contributed to the UK’s cultural legacy. Re-created with fabric designs from all over the world, the New Union Flag transforms the traditional Union Jack from an archetype of uniformity into a dynamic and celebratory on-going performance of diversity. Whilst this flag started as a reflection on the UK’s colonial legacy, its design is ever-changing to reflect the ongoing changes in the makeup of this nation. 

Since 2015, the New Union Flag has evolved every few months with the contributions of participants from various national and ethnic backgrounds.  For three years, it has engaged thousands of people through gallery exhibitions (Turner Contemporary, Tate Modern, the South Bank Centre, People’s History Museum – Manchester, Liverpool Museum, The Jewish Museum, Rich Mix and more), numerous cultural events, school visits, festivals, rallies and workshops.


The New Union Flag project includes photoshoots; video-recorded conversations with people who would like to see it adopted as the national flag and others who don’t.;  workshops in galleries, museums and schools, one-off events, and long-term exhibitions. The flag was part of social gatherings and demonstrations and was used in public spaces interventions. 

The New Union Flag project is constantly developing, and invitations for exhibitions, public talks and workshops are welcomed.  


The Project has been supported by Counterpoints Arts & Art Council England

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