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A Gini in a Bottle (Redistribution Station Tel-Aviv 2013)

A staged distribution point for Molotov cocktails, comprised of milk bottles decorated with the Gini index (an international coefficient that measures inequality) for Israel, showing its steep rise from1979 to 2011.

Soft sculptures of genies soaked in Arak (Mediterranean spirit) were inserted into the bottles as detonators.

The project recalled the actions taken in the 1970s by the Jews from Arab and Muslim countries, Black Panthers, who fought against racism and discrimination by European Jews. This ongoing discrimination is often referred to by the white-Jewish-dominated media as a “genie in a bottle” that must not be set loose. The performance took place at the heart of Tel Aviv in Zion Square on Rothschild Boulevard, which is privately owned by the adjacent Zion insurance company tower.

An intervention by curator Moran Shoub prevented the confiscation of this work and the artist’s arrest by the police. The bottle are for sale as a limited and signed edition.

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