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Interweaving Spaces [2021-Present]
Currently exhibition at Worthing Museum & Art Gallery until November 2023. For details, click here.

Screenshot 2023-10-31 080921.png

 Interweaving Spaces room installation at Worthing Museum & a video clip from the openning.

In late 2021, I was commissioned to create a room installation for the Sussex Wildlife Trust's Kelp research project conference. The SKRP research programme has a collaborative effort between research organisations, regulators, filmmakers, fishers, conservation groups, marine user groups and local communities aiming to restore the kelp forest off Sussex shores. For more about the project, please click here. The installation is created with dozens of textile stripes - with 32 different bespoke intricate patterns designed to echo kelp and underwater sceneries using traditional patterns from coastal communities across the globe, many of whom are threatened by global warming and rising seas. Suspended in the air and inviting people to "dive in" the installation simulated a kelp forest similar to the ones off Sussex shores, which are under a restoration program and imagines how they are connected to other kelp forests in different regions worldwide.  The installation included a sound piece using recordings of a diverse group of people living in Sussex and their experiences of swimming in the sea.


In 2022 at Queering Nature group exhibition at the LGBTQ+ Ledward Centre, the immersive elements of the installation were developed further.  I have developed a new sound piece by sampling the inspirational speech by Barbados Prime Ministre Mia Mottley at COP26 which was combined with music created with music by Liam Kind, aka kid7 & Taylor-Patel aka 8SZN, Anton Vlaso, Michael Kobrin, Ocean Sounds and sampling sounds from Extinction Rebellion demonstrations. 

The installation was used at the opening as the stage for a participatory performance - Code Red! Code Red! I developed with Lya Abdou Issa [aka blkdimond]. The performance captures the magical environment of the kelp forests as well as the disastrous effects of global warming and climate change, especially in the global south.

Further elements of the projects were developed during an artist's residency at Stiftung-Kuenstelrdorf Gallery, Schoppingen, Germany, 2022

In 2023, for the solo exhibition at Worthing Museum, the dance piece is recorded at the installation Installation itself and combined with archival material of natural disasters and climate justice demonstrations. Pending funds, the dance will be performed again with audience participation and will be incorporated into a dance film that will be part of the exhibition.

Worthing Museum & Art Gallery exhibition's programme: 

12.09.23 Opening event + Code Red! Code Red! dance performance
23.09.23 Black History Month | Dance Workshops with Lya | Time12:00 | 45 minutes

23.09.23 LGBTQ & the Sea-Side | Kiet making, flying photoshoot & tea on Worthing Beach | 1:30-15.00 pm 

28.09.23 Double Bill: An artist's talk by Gil Mualem Doron + a presentation of the Kelp recovery project by George Short, Kelp Recovery Coordinator, Sussex Wildlife TrustSussex Wildlife Trust

30.09.23 Black History Month | Dance Workshops with Lya | Time 12.00 | 45 minutes

30.09.23 LGBTQ & the Sea-Side | My ideal queer beach using AI Midjourny programme Workshop | 13:30-:15:00 pm

07.10.23 Black History Month | Dance Workshops with Lya | Time 12:00 | 45 minutes

07.10.23 LGBTQ & the Sea-Side | A collage of recollections: A hand collage workshop based on personal photos and found images 13:30-15:00 

For more details and to sign up for the series of talks, workshops and other activities associated with the exhibition at the museum please click here

Video clip and photos from the rehearsal of the dance performance  Code Red! Code Red! is set up in the Interweaving Speaces installation.