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In The New Babylonians Gil Mualem-Doron presents several socially engaged art pieces, including some previously exhibited at the Tate Modern, Liverpool Museum and the Turner Contemporary.

At the heart of the exhibition is The New Union Flag project, a proposal for a new flag that celebrates the UK’s cultural diversity. The project has toured the country engaging thousands of people with the piece dividing audiences, receiving critical acclaim mixed with online threats from those in the far right.

The exhibition presents a complex and challenging participatory projects on the theme of belonging, memory, place and identity that has resulted in captivating art that captures the spirit of our times and this great city. This city is New Babylon, not exactly the fantastical playground that was envisaged by the Dutch artist Constant Nieuwenhuys in the late sixties, nor the city in which a tower is built, tall enough to reach heaven. The New Babylonians are the people of a town that, as William Morris vision, is nowhere, yet the foundations of that city can be seen everywhere, if you just care to look.

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