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Artefacts   (2020)

Mixed media room installation (12 pendant series, printed visual QR codes, Victorian roof tiles, spray paint)


In the year 3000, near the coast of the ancient city of Hebkuds, an underwater archaeological dig finds a large amount of rubble across what was known as Israel / Palestine under ancient forests dating back to the mid 20th century. Since all digital data from that period were destroyed in the 3RD World War and then buried under the rising sea levels, it is not clear what caused the series of building collapses and even the destruction of entire villages – from that period and well into the mid 21st century. Almost miraculously the archaeologists find buried in a concrete block 12 pendants with what at first looks like prints of the identical Palestinian embroidery design. On closer inspection and using some tools that survived that period, the baffled archaeologists find that what looked like jewellery decoration has been embedded with detailed demolition reports from 2019-2020. To be continued…

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