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Duct (2019)

Film installation on a mobile phone


The film depicts Tel Aviv beach and a conversation with two Palestinian women age 30 and 32 from a village in the Occupied Territories, about 40 minutes drive from the beach. The two women (who for security reasons would not be identified by their names) visited the sea for the first time after they were smuggled there by a woman from the organisation “We Will Not Obey”,  a women's civil disobedience group who for several years has illegally brought Palestinian women and children on visits to Tel Aviv’s and Jaffa beaches.

The mobile phone is stacked to the wall by black duct tape – at once, enabling the viewing but also blocking the horizon.

It is also a comment on the notorious wall installation by the artist Maurizio Cattelan. 


I would like to thank the writer, Ofra Yeshua Lyth for helping in the realisation of the work. Ofra's memoir “Politically Incorrect - Why a Jewish state is a bad idea” and other works can be found on

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