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Emergency collage.tiff

Emergency (2020)


Approx. 85x120cm

Mixed Media 70x90cm

Mylar polyester film, chalk paint 


The work is a reflection on the possibility or impossibility of political artistic intervention within the gallery and outside it. The Palestinian embroidery motif was created originally for a stencil that could be used to mark houses in Israel that were confiscated after 1948 from Palestinians refugees by the state of Israel in what is known as the “Present Absentees” Law as well as to mark properties in the West Bank taken over by the IDF and settlers, often with the backing of the Israeli High Court.


The stencil design is composed of Palestinian’s embroidery motif that symbolises a spring, houses and olive trees.


In the gallery setting, the stencil is used to graffiti the wall and is presented as an object to purchase in the intention to be used.


The artwork itself - the graffiti on the gallery wall cannot be purchased unless the gallery wall is to be removed. 


In the 3rd version, the embroidery design is embedded with QR code that links to B'Tselem organisation’s website, where the role the British Emergency Law played in ethnic cleansing through the demolishing of houses during the Mandate is explained. This QR code can be scanned also in the photo above.  

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