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The Calling  - an underwater  photography series & a dance film [2021-2022]

Photography: Gil Mualem-Doron / Performer: Dimitris Galanakis


Winter 1970. The Aegean Sea is roaring. Ordered by The Junta,  a ship carrying tons of soil and fertilizers is approaching the shores of Epanomi. The plan - transforming the unique sand dunes area into an agricultural zone at the cost of destroying the unique natural habitat. A Siren that is local to the areas, and some rumours say they are, in fact, the village queer shapeshifter, hearing the call of nature. The transformation of the land will also affect marine life. And they are calling; they are singing into the wind their enchanting melody. The ship’s mesmerized sailors steer the ship, crashing it on a shoal. Terrified from the revenge of the Siren, the ship is abundant to the forces of nature. Today, almost 50 years later, the proximity to Thessaloniki, the diversity of the beach, the crystal-clear blue-green waters, and the eerie beauty of the ship make the shipwreck of Epanomi one of the most popular beaches near the city and the wreck a tourist attraction.

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