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Sand Pits (2013) 

A room installation

An installation depicting the eradication of the eight Palestinian villages of Jaffa district that existed where Tel Aviv City is today. It includes eight 10x100cm wood poles, into which a diorama cube is inserted. The polls are inspired by marking posts for trails of significant sites. However, whilst there the posts are grounded, here they are uprooted and suspended in the air. The dioramas portray a person standing on a broken painted floor tile, such as the ones that were common in Jaffa at the beginning of the 20th century, looking at a white mark, painted in Tippex. The white marks resemble the layout of the Palestinian villages.

The work was exhibited at the Anatomy Museum, King's College, 2013 as part of the exhibition "The Gallery", curated by Chinese artist Xin Wang for the 2014 Chinese Visual Festival in London. 

For a TV report about the exhibition & an interview with the artist click here:

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