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In the coming months, we hope to include critical and creative responses to the online exhibition and the theme it explores - ahead of the exhibition and symposium at P21.


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The exhibition's title, “Cry, the beloved country”, is taken from an article published in the most read Israeli newspaper, Maariv, in 1953, by its chief editor Dr Ezriel Karlebach in which he compared the situation of the newly founded state to South Africa's Apartheid regime.  The article was translated, for this exhibition, into English by Ami Asher.

Apartheid South Africa and Apartheid Israel: A Valid Comparison / Prof. Ilan Pappe.  Commissioned article for "Cry, the Beloved Country" exhibition.  

"Yes, It’s Israeli Apartheid. Even Without Annexation" / Atty. Michael Sfard.  Printed in Haaretz Newspaper and based on a report for the Human Rights organisation "Yesh-Din". 

Published with the permission of Atty. Sfard. 

I fought South African apartheid. I see the same brutal policies in Israel

Ronnie Kasrils

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